Tire Services

  • Repair tire punctures

  • Tire rotations

  • Rim air valve replacement

  • Wheel balancing

  • Install New Tires


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Other Express Lube Services

Oil Lube & Filter

recommend that you change the oil every 5,000 km with conventional oil and every 8,000 km with synthetic oil. This would insure that all internal parts work smoothly.

It’s important to always have the vehicle’s lights working and well lite, for your safety and for the safety of others on the road. It’s unsafe to drive a vehicle if one of the headlights is burned out. The same goes for the rest of the vehicle’s lights, taillights and signal lights.

Your windshield wipers are probably not one of those things you think about too often. However, when you are caught in a rainstorm while driving, you depend on them to clear your windshield and improve your visibility. Damaged and cracked wiper blades do not work properly and can scratch your glass over time. Let us check your wiper blades and replace them when necessary to ensure that you always have a clear view of the road.

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